Fresh Interview Tips

Interviewer writing notes across the table from a candidate

First impressions are vital so you must present yourself in a professional way, our tips below will help you secure your perfect role!

DO dress appropriately

  • Make sure your outfit in smart, clean and ironed. A suit and shirt/blouse is ideal and ensure your shoes are clean.

DO your research

  • Carefully study the company website so you are prepared for any questions they may ask you.

DO give a firm handshake

  • Shake the interviewer’s hand when you walk in. Use a firm grip but not enough to crush their hand! A smile, a firm handshake and a “pleased to meet you” goes a long way.

DO ask questions

  • Asking questions will give the impression that you are interested and have paid attention during the interview. Ask questions about the role and the company, not just about parking, holiday, pay and benefits.

DON’T get lost for words

  • An interviewer may ask about reasons for leaving previous roles or gaps in employment, so have an answer prepared. Think about why you want the job, and what you can bring to the role.

DON’T panic

  • Even if you feel nervous, acting confidently will give a better impression.

DON’T fidget

  • Fiddling with your hair or jewellery gives the impression that you are nervous or distracted.

DON’T leave your phone on

  • Having your phone go off or vibrate during your interview will distract you and will not impress the interviewer. Make sure it is switched off.