How can I make my journey to work more enjoyable?

How can I make my journey to work more enjoyable?

Work-Life Balance

Commuting to work can be one of life’s less enjoyable experiences, but there’s no reason why you can’t take steps to add a little variation or pleasure to this daily routine.

Here are some simple ways to add a touch of interest to your work commute – whichever way you travel:

By Car
If you go to work by car then you’re probably driving during the rush hour. Try going into work an hour earlier and when you’re near to your office, instead of going straight in take some time out in a park or a café where you can chill out and read a book. Also, why not tune into something relaxing on the radio or take a more tranquil route to work (if available) with trees, parks or lakes on the way to help calm the morning stress.

Generally by giving yourself a little more time, you’ll be less rushed and suddenly all those red lights won’t seem to be working against you. When possible, get together with others who may work in close proximity and take turns being the car driver. You’ll save money and alleviate the stress that comes with driving alone.

By Public Transport
Come rain or shine, hordes of people across the country gather at bus stops and railway stations every day praying that their transport will arrive on time and that they might just be lucky enough to get a seat. Travelling at rush hour is the worst time, so attempt to set off a little earlier or later.

More and more companies are coming round to the idea of flexible working and if you put in the hours, they don’t necessarily have to be 9-to-5.

A few more ideas:

iPods and handheld game devices are one way of keeping your mind off all that is around you. Or you could look to beef up your brain power with a crossword, a Sudoku puzzle or anything to get those grey cells working. We all complain of never having enough time to do things and yet this downtime is often available every day.

Try not to do any work on your commute on a laptop or Blackberry. This is your time, not your company’s.

Get physical

Take a leaf out of Boris Johnson’s book and ditch the car, opting to cycle into work. The added benefit is you’ll get fitter and find it cost effective. Get that bike out now and give it a good working over.

Even simpler, is good old-fashioned walking. Walking develops fitness and gives you a sense of purpose. A short walk instead of taking the bus or car will save you pounds as well and you’ll feel less reliant on transport by not standing at a bus stop. Take a look at to see how long your commute would take, and how many calories you could burn.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you don’t actually like your job then any journey to work will be a grind. However, assuming you’re happy at work, then with a little planning and imagination there is a lot you can do to make the journey less arduous, more pleasant – and even surprisingly productive.

Courtesy of Monster