Our Quarterly Donation

For our quarterly donation, we have chosen The Sun Street Project.

The Sun Street project is a 6 bed supported housing scheme for young people aged 16-25. At present the scheme is used to house young mums and babies, although is not exclusive to this clientele. The work at Sun Street is delivered by two main staff members and a dispersed management team. The aim of the project is to support young people with daily living skills, to enable them to move on and live fulfilled independent lives in the community. The residents work on a toolkit throughout their stay that is based on elements of what makes a good tenant/citizen and covers seven elements, including:

* being able to live in a healthy and hygienic way
* managing money
* staying safe online
* communicating effectively
* being a responsible member of the community
* having a positive outlook
* dealing with life’s challenges

If you would like further information to support this charity please visit www.helpinghertshomeless.org.uk or call 01462 600425.

 Sun Street Sun Street 2