Top 4 reasons to hire a candidate with no previous experience.

1. They’ll be adaptable

Taking a chance and hiring someone new to the industry comes with a strong possibility that they’ll be more adaptable. After all, an employee whose spent years in the same role or sector can easily become set in their ways.

As with anything, it’s not easy to re-shape someone’s way of thinking; and often, you’ll have to spend a longer time training these individuals to work differently.

However, if you choose to bring on board an employee who hasn’t already developed their own habits and processes yet, it’s often easier for them to adapt to a new company culture and your preferred way of completing tasks.

Adaptability is hugely important right now. When there’s so much uncertainty in the market, professionals need to be able to cope with change and realign their focus depending on the company’s needs. But that’s where hiring a candidate with no experience can help.

2. They’ll bring innovation

The progression of any business often relies on new and fresh ways of thinking. Sure, those with plenty of years’ experience in their industry will still come up with exciting creative and innovative ideas; but, there’s also a chance that they’ll have seen and done it all before.

Alternatively, someone that is entering the industry for the first time won’t face the same expectations. It might even surprise you when they do bring innovative ideas to the table.

What’s more, the best companies will take inspiration from successful organisations outside of their industry. For that reason, hiring a candidate with no experience in your industry can actually be extremely beneficial.

In order for businesses to stand out from the crowd, there’s a lot of pressure to innovate. For that reason, the ability to think outside the box is a skill that most businesses need in order to succeed.

3. You’ll benefit from their passion

This is particularly true if you’re hiring someone who’s just starting out in their career. Often, taking a chance on someone who doesn’t have any experience and training them up into your dream employee can ensure they feel valued; they’ll be passionate about, and loyal to, your company.

After all, because you’ve given them the opportunity to learn and work in an entirely new industry, your new recruit will be eager to please and prove that you’ve made the right decision.

In addition, they should be keen to put in as much work as possible to learn the hard skills that are necessary for the role. Therefore, they’ll be hard working and more likely to stay with you for longer. It’s a win-win for you and them.

Plus, positivity breeds positivity. By employing someone who shows real passion for their role, you’ll hopefully encourage other team members to feel and act the same; which can do wonders for your company’s productivity levels.

4. They’re the next generation

It’s up to today’s employers to help create and nurture the next generation of workers; while it’s easy to stick to the status quo, it’s not particularly progressive.

A strong workforce should consist of a variety of professionals and skill sets. Plus, candidates are attracted to businesses that offer room for training and development.

In fact, the rise of apprenticeships and internships shows the value that hiring a candidate with no experience can bring. Before you know it, you can train up your new recruit into the perfect hire you’ve been looking for.

When it comes down to it, credentials and experience aren’t always everything; sometimes, inexperienced candidates can be the better fit.

Just because they don’t have any skills or experience in your industry, doesn’t mean that they’ll be without skills altogether. Many candidates will have a strong set of transferrable attributes that they can adapt to your workplace.

Are you ready to hire a candidate with no experience?

By setting aside the ‘traditional’ hiring criteria, you could end up finding your perfect candidate. With training and development, this individual could transform into a valuable employee who can bring great new ideas to the table. Furthermore, they’re more likely to stay loyal to your company and want to grow with your business.

Clearly, there are a number of benefits to hiring a candidate with no experience; and it will always depend on the needs of your business and the role you’re hiring for.

But, with skills shortages continuing to strengthen across the UK, thinking beyond your traditional ‘perfect hire’ might be crucial to your hiring success in 2021 and beyond.