What does Facebook say about you?

Facebook has grown into much more than just a place to see what everyone is up to and look back on past times and events.

It now offers recruiters and potential employers a view into what you are like as a person, away from the pressure of an interview. The old saying goes that a first impression is vital and that’s no less prevalent than in social media.

What is the first thing that anyone who stumbles upon your profile will see? That’s right, the profile picture. Probably not the best idea then, to have a picture that’s going to send out the wrong message.

The essential thing to remember when selecting the picture is, what does this picture say about me? That tiny image you select can offer the first insight into you as a person so it may be best to avoid that picture of you looking a bit worse-for-wear on a night out.

Similarly, don’t try too hard and have a David Brent-esque image trying to showcase you as some hot-shot businessperson either. This can actually do damage to the image because it will undoubtedly put people off if they think you appear too smarmy.

Nicola Deas, practice leader of career management at Right Management, recently told Re:locate magazine: “It’s never been more important to learn how to effectively network with peers – online and offline – as well as being able to create a great online profile with compelling messages that will get noticed by employers and recruiters.”

Find a happy medium and an image that shows you off as a human being rather than just a statistic or another interviewee. Obviously your future employment won’t rest on the effects of a singular jpeg, but if recruiters do find you on any social media platform, don’t let your picture give off the wrong image.

Courtesy of Monster