What should I do after my job interview?

What should I do after my job interview?
Know the process.
It’s very frustrating when you’ve been to interview – especially for a job you really want – but then hear nothing for what seems like a lifetime.

Unfortunately, your work is not done once you leave the interview – in fact it’s just beginning. You can’t simply sit back and wait for the job offer.
• The first thing to do to save you from sitting by the phone is to get a rough idea of when a decision is to be expected. Ask at the end of the interview what the next steps are and when you may expect to hear back. If you find out that they are about to go on holiday for a few weeks and won’t decide until they get back, it will save you from worrying.

• Be proactive and follow-up any interview as a strategic part of your job search. It shows your enthusiasm and desire for the position, but don’t make it seem as though you are desperate.

• Obtain the correct titles and names of all the people who interviewed you – ideally, each person’s business card – so you can include them on any follow up correspondence.

• It’s always a good idea to write a thank you email to each person who interviewed you, usually within two business days, and you’ll be surprised just how many people do not do this. If you have made any promises to follow up with additional information, such as a link to your website, then make sure you include this.

• If you think your chances are high, this may be the time to approach your references to let them know their services may be required in the near future. The sooner they know, the quicker they’ll react when communication is made.

Courtesy of Monster.co.uk