‘Giving to the Community’

Continuing with our ‘giving to the community’, this quarter we decided to donate to People For People – Stevenage.

Started in June 2015 with the idea to involve local businesses to get involved in community projects, supporting things like food banks,
schools, care homes and day centres. The idea then that the supporting businesses would gain custom, acknowledgement and goodwill from these good deeds. Since then they have expanded into being a link for people who want to donate time, furniture, money or food and People for People ensure it gets to those who need it! They have 5000 active members growing daily. They are totally a non-profit non expenses organisation run by a team of 5 volunteers, meaning 100 percent of any donation goes direct to the cause needed.

If you want to get involved with People For People please follow the link https://lnkd.in/duytpbt